Reconceptualizing entertainment consumption

Ideation Lead


Sept - Dec 2018


Research/Ideation Recommendation Slide Deck


I worked on this project during my Fall 2018 semester at UC Berkeley, though DiversaTech, a technology consultancy I belong to on campus. This was my first semester in DiversaTech and I was selected to be apart of the Twitter team project as it focused heavily on using design thinking, a mindset I had now developed over the year through my work in my student-run design consultancy, Berkeley Innovation. As the only designer on the team I was tasked with helping teach design thinking to my fellow peers on the project and lead the ideation phase of the project. In this project, my team and I ideated innovative solutions to improve user engagement and retention on the platform, focusing on solutions tailored to the user's consumption of entertainment on the platform. We researched and analyzed Twitter's competitive environment and key performance indicators to guide strategic product decisions.

While I am unable to share further details about this project publicly, please feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more.

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