Smart Cart

Making shopping smarter, not harder

Sole Designer


Jan - May 2019


One Pager of Concept
Slide Deck for Product
Product Pitch Video


I worked on this project during my Spring 2019 semester at UC Berkeley, through a class called Design Innovation 21: Visual Communication and Sketching. In this project, I created a one pager of my initial product concept, formed a slide deck for my product, and finished by creating product pitch video to present to potential investors. I have taken my work for this class and continued to build upon it as a personal project and hopeful venture. Currently I am working on creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to present to incubators within the extensive startup network at Cal.

The Problem
Problem Statement

Finding the items you need in a grocery store is time consuming and confusing to navigate.

Design Challenge

How might we reduce the amount of time people spend wandering the grocery store to find the items on their list?

One Pager

Our first project in the class was to create a one-pager to showcase an initial proof of concept to a potential investor. By doing so I learned that you can quickly convey a complicated idea quickly and efficiently by sketching it out.

Slide Deck

The second project in the class was to create a slide deck with a more detailed explanation of the product concept. From this project, I learned that it doesn't take much to highlight the details and featured of a product that isn't even prototyped yet.

Product Pitch Video

The final project for the class was to create a product pitch video that clearly explained how the product worked. For this project, I had to first create a script for my video, that I would later have my girlfriend voice over. Next, I had to refine my script and cut out any unnecessary explanations and scenes. From there, I sketched out each scene on my iPad using an awesome drawing app called Paper. From there, I added all of my scenes into iMovie where I complied them in the correct order for the script. For the audio portion, I searched the internet for royalty-free background music to add to my video. Lastly, I arranged and timed the scenes to match the voice over script. Feel free to check out the final version of my pitch video below!

Pitch Video
Next Steps

I am currently going through my design process to further expand on Smart Cart as a personal project. Once I finish I finish my design process for Smart Cart, my goal is to take it to incubators and submit it in their selection competitions to get funding.

Stay tuned to see more updates regarding Smart Cart!