Repositioning and redefining Office 365 ProPlus

Project Manager


Jan - May 2019


Strategic Recommendation Slide Deck


I worked on this project during my Spring 2019 semester at UC Berkeley, though DiversaTech, a technology consultancy I belong to on campus. During my winter break, prior to the spring semester, I sourced 50% of DiversaTech's projects for the semester by identifying potential corporate clients, developing unique project proposals, and securing meetings to pitch to their product teams. I acquired Microsoft as one of our client's for the semester and managed a 10-week project through a partnership with DiversaTech. I established clear milestones with the client, oversaw the weekly assignments of six consultants, and facilitated team discussions. In this project, my team and I provided the Office 365 ProPlus team with insights and strategic recommendations for product features, marketing, branding, and promotional strategies.

While I am unable to share further details about this project publicly, please feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more.

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