Nice to meet you!

I'm a senior at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Cognitive Science and earning a certificate in Design Innovation. Although Cal does not have an official Design major, I am crafting my own path by focusing on the core aspect of Human-Centered Design: the human. I believe that being able to have a strong understanding of how and why people act and behave the way they do, is important in better understanding the users I am designing for.

On campus I:
Serve as Internal Vice President of Berkeley Innovation
Teach a class to 100 students on the principles of Human-Centered Design
Lead the Adobe XD Ambassador program & teach workshops on Adobe XD
Advise project teams for DiversaTech Consulting

In my free time you can find me:
Watching Dave 2D's reviews of the newest tech products
Playing video games; currently in love with Apex Legends
Listening to EDM music; have a listen if you're a sadboi
Binging anime; do yourself a favor and go watch Demon Slayer
Rewatching superhero movies; I love you 3000
Taking photos of stuff; photography account in the works